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Welcome to simplicity.

ApplyGem is a tool that businesses and organizations use to create application forms and review applicants. You should probably be using it, too.

You can try a demo as either Gandalf or Darth Vader.


Organize the information you need in a simple, elegant interface.


When you're ready, we'll notify all applicants of your decision via email.

Filter and Categorize

Filter applicants by their answers. Create meta-fields for information like finalists.

Comment and Rate

Discuss and rate applicants; sort by overall averages. Invite other users to participate in the process.

Modular Management

Setup groups with locked filters and private comment sections.


Developers can use our API to link a custom design to our applicant review system.

Decentralize & Organize

Link directly or embed an unbranded version of your application anywhere that you can place an HTML snippet.

Secured & Encrypted

Data transferred to ApplyGem is encrypted with SSL technology. If your website uses SSL, you can embed an encrypted application.